About Us

Body Temple: Mind, Body, Soul is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, a city where health and fitness are an integral part of the local culture.

Whether one enjoys mountainous weekend hikes, walking up and down San Francisco's famous hills, working out at the gym, or taking your furry friend on it's daily evening walk -- after a while, muscle fatigue will set-in, reducing one's quality of life. 

We believe that overall health and wellness cannot be fully achieved without first tending to your physical health. Our products are specifically chosen because they reduce tension and pain in the areas of our bodies that endure the most daily stress. 

Our bodies are our temples, let's keep them healthy.


Our It  Guarantee

At Body Temple: Mind, Body, Soul, we offer boutique-style products that are of amazing quality.

Consumers assume zero-risk when purchasing products at our online stores. Friendly customer service agents are committed to making your online experience at Body Temple a memorable one.

We strive to make 100% of our customers happy; we offer FAST SUPPORT.

We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit/debit card information is 100% protected.